what we're about

C'mere Till I Tell Ya is a Podcast brought to you by emigrants, for emigrants. We are here to bring together the experiences of the traveling Irish and share with each other our wealth of knowledge. Each episode we will bring you banter from near and far, discussions on what you, our listeners want to hear, interviews with those who have ventured and those who have gained.

Producer Brenna Dolan posed the idea of the Podcast on an Irish expat forum and nine eager Podcast enthusiasts came together to begin something special. Founded in Vancouver, BC, we hope to be a source of entertainment and general Irish discussion for all those who have experienced emigration first hand. 

Most importantly we plan on having a bit of craic along the way

To those who are listening we welcome you to reach out and share with us, we always want to hear what you have to say.




Diarmuid Lynch


Hello, my name is Diarmuid (or pyramid with a 'D' as I've been saying to Canadians). I'm from The Land of the Endless Session aka the Graveyard of Ambition aka County Galway).

I love Vancouver, this city has literally something for everyone. As a 27 year old man child who enjoys the strange, the macabre and nostalgic nods to pop culture this city suits me down to the ground, not to mention sushi, goddamn I love sushi.

I do miss my mad little island, the pints, the pals, the potatoes. There's no other place in the world like Ireland but I'd like to one day realise, in retrospect, first hand for that statement to be wholly true.


Fiona Forde


Hi my name is Fiona and I'm from Dublin. I've been living in Vancouver nearly 5 years now. My favourite things about living here is the easy going way of life in Vancouver, living right on the beach and the unreal Irish community that has grew here!

I'm a big outdoors fan... always off wandering. Eating is my passion... you will not see me without food in my hand.. feed me and I'll be your friend forever!

The main thing I miss about home is my family and friends!



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