America, New Zealand & Australia Change Immigration Laws

This week saw big changes to the immgration laws in America, Australia and New Zealand. While this has come as no big surprise and has been anticipated for a while, what was shocking was that all of these announcements came within 36 hours of each other. Perhaps the anticipation of these stricter laws was the cause for the huge surge in Irish demand for the Canadian two year working holiday Visa.

At the beginning of March, 5,418 invitations for the International Experience Canada Visa were issued of a total 7,700 available. With less than 500 Visas remaining there were a further 1,794 having applied. Applications in the first 3 months of 2017 exceeded the total number of Visas issued in 2016. Last year there were actually 1,000 Visas that went unused. This huge demand has been similar to that experienced in 2014 & 2015 which saw the Visas being snapped up in a matter of minutes. This was when all Visas were released at once. 

If you did not get an invitation to apply, fret not, there may be other options for you to come to Canada. The other options are the Young Professionals Visa, of which there are 2,500 available, issued to those coming to Canada to work for a specific employer and the International Co-Op Visa for internships. While there have been very few of these Visas issued, candidates must have a job secured before applying for either of these. 

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